ISO9001 Certified
ISO 3834-2 Certified



    Designing of steel structures is the most important stage of process of preparation for manufacturing, reconstruction and carrying out of repair work of various level of complexity. The design department, directly prosecuting all similar subjects, urged to provide to the future designs high reliability, and also to consider all those requirements to which they should correspond.

    • Engineering study of each order for manufacturing
    • Preparing design documentation for pressure vessels
    • Design for air ducts, gas ducts and boiler preheaters
    • Preparing repair plans for industrial equipment

    Design of steel structures — it is a capacious concept, it includes the design of steel structures that perform supporting functions, structural design for engineering systems, as well as the structural design of any other purpose.

    Whatever the purpose of construction, during its design is especially important professional approach, implying the presence and specialized knowledge and sufficient experience in this area. Structural design, which is part of an integrated design involves the use of special calculations and specifications for each type of equipment, and must also take into account the specifics of the equipment. Design of steel structures, in addition, must take into account the level of activity that they will experience during its operation, with both static and dynamic character.