ISO9001 Certified
ISO 3834-2 Certified

Pressure Vessels and Tanks


Tanks — Welded steel capacitive devices.

Well Tehnoloogia company manufactures various types of tanks and vessels. Main used material: stainless and carbon steel.

Vessels and Tanks are used in food and chemical industries for storage or mixing of process fluids and formulations. We offer manufacturing of storage tanks and transportation of petroleum and petroleum products, gasoline, diesel fuel, and pressure tanks for LPG. n any enterprise are required vertical fire water tanks.

We offer tanks of different shapes: cylindrical, rectangular, with conical or spherical bottom.

We carry out production of tanks as the open and closed types, both horizontal and vertical tanks and vessels. Produce stationary or mobile models, with various forms of bottom.

Design of tanks engaged in our own engineering department. Possible options for design work on the customer’s drawings or technical requirements. Engineering Department develops only the necessary technical documentation.

For all manufactured products prepared technical documentation. If necessary, containers are certified and verification on the part of technical control.

To prevent the occurrence of defective products in the structure of the plant introduced control department. Control on the quality of products produced at all levels of production. Testing to be the main indexes — the strength, density and integrity. The compounds are tested for leakage by various ways of nondestructive testing.

All the specialists have been trained and have the appropriate certificates for the right to engage in professional activities.

Our recent works:

7 stainless steel tanks. Max. diam. 3500mm

stainless steel tank

Fire water storage tank for chemical company Genovique

fire water tank delivery fire water tank fire water tank

Pressure vessels. Material stainless steel.

Pressure vessels Pressure vessels Pressure vessels