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Electrostatic precipitators (ESP)

Well Tehnoloogia one of the manufacturers of electrostatic precipitators in Europe.

Electrostatic represent the equipment in which cleaning gases from the suspended solid and liquid particles carried out under the influence of electrical forces.

Work of ESP is based on the deposition of electrically charged dust particles in electric fields. The electrical charge of particles carried in the field of corona discharge occurring in the electric field between the coronation (HV) and sedimentation (ground) electrodes.

We offer for our customers manufacturing of electrostatic precipitators cases, support of electrostatic precipitators and bunker by the customer’s specifications.
Supply of electrostatic precipitators cases are possible partition or complete (including the electrodes, screens and strings)

Manufactured by us electrostatic precipitators are used in cement, textiles, power plants.

We are looking for cooperation with the engineering company involved in the design and delivery of electrostatic precipitators.

Well Tehnoloogia your reliable partner in ESP manufacturing.