ISO9001 Certified
ISO 3834-2 Certified

About us

Well Tehnoloogia OU — one of the leaders of the Estonian market metalworking industry.

  • Our company has united experts of Design and Manufacturing of medium-heavy steel structures.
  • Workshop is focused on subcontracting.
  • Experience in performing work for companies such as: ALSTOM, YIT, Andritz, FLSmidth, Wartsila and others.
  • Key products are: Pressure Vessels, storage Tanks, Heat-Exchangers, Ducts/chutes, steel parts of Air filters (ESP), SILO, Conveyors.
  • Workshop is located on the north-east of Estonia (Kohtla-Jarve). On the border with Russia. This is a very advantageous position to carry out projects to your customers from Russia.
  • 70 % of production is going to export in Europe  and 30 % is going to the local market.
  • Turn over in 2009 year 2.4 mln. EUR

Well Tehnoloogia OU — the reliable business partner!

  • The accurate structural organization and operative system of execution of orders
  • The professional team tries to cut down as much it possible your expenses on manufacturing.
  • The personal approach to the customer without dependence from volume of deliveries and cooperation terms.
  • Certification by standards ISO9001 and EN3834-2 gives a guarantee of the international quality of performance of works.

Key values of company Well Tehnoloogia OU

Attention to the Customer.
Only so — from capital letter as we know that in the succeeding companies the relation to Customers became for a long time business heart. All employees Well Tehnoloogia OU are involved in process of constant perfection of the activity which includes studying of Customers and their requirements, dialogue with the Customer, and also effective work with complaints and difficult situations. The process of subcontract steel structures manufacturing requires constant improvement of technology.

Aspiration to the compromise.
The Latin word «compromissum» occurs from a verb «compromittere» which means «mutually literally to promise, agree». In this interpretation it is understood by our team. The foreign policy of our company is based on it.

Competence through development and practice.
We live in a century of high technologies, huge volume of the information, prompt rate of life. In the market high level of a competition: the enterprises quickly enough and successfully develop. Competitiveness and advantage pledge today – presence of high level experts, their internal development through accumulation of experience and formation increase. On these values the internal policy of our company keeps.

Team of professionals.
Rate of development in sector of steel structure subcontract manufacture is so prompt that knowledge, actual today, can not represent special value tomorrow, therefore we consider necessary constantly to fill up the professional luggage, to be in that information field which broadcasts new time and the market. We are always open for the new employees assured of the forces who are able to think, actively to listen each other and to reach objects in view.